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Studiare sui libri va bene ma 
perchè non proporre attività a tema?
L'antico Egitto è perfetto 
come ispirazione....

Cominciamo con il disegnare una mappa interattiva
Ancient Egypt Unit Study: Map of Egypt - The Unlikely Homeschool

              Un classico:la mummia
non dimentichiamo di fare il sarcofago!

Ancient Egypt DIY sarcophagus decorating art project for 2nd grade

With the technique of slabs of clay here is an activity for the children of the Primary School on the subject of Ancient Egypt. The realization of a box-sarcophagus  with a mummy inside!
Travestiamoci da faraoni....

"lapis" and "gold" egyptian necklace craft - with spray-painted pasta
Come fare una piramide

Ancient Egypt is such a fun historical period to learn about with kids.  Mummies and pyramids and pharaohs are fascinating. Here are some great ancient Egypt activities for kids. We used them in conjunction with Story of the World Ancient Times but they really go well with any ancient studies curriculum.     Make your …

Arte e storia
Middle School Level -  Egyptian Metal Designs using flat metal and permanent markers.  Thinking: soda cans, edges taped for the little ones, let them go to town, add Dollar Store frame  you have beautiful art
Impariamo una lingua antica!

Cycle 1  blog has several "craft" projects for Egypt if you read the comments

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