giovedì 21 maggio 2015

Il fascino dell'illusione: optical art

10 progetti per piccoli artisti sulle orme di M.C.Escher!
Buon lavoro a tutti

5th Grade Color Wheel tie in.  Wavy Lines and Op Art
Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Mondrian Spider Art cool twist on a classic
op art........4th grade
Op art hand
Artful Artsy Amy: Lesson Plan: Op Art Spheres (the easy way)
Op Art Cubes. Decorate them as 2D designs & see how they appear to change when folded into boxes.
ANYTIME - M.C. Escher's "Op Art" (Objective: rulers to draw straight lines, neat colouring; Materials: 9" x 12" white paper, pencils, Sharpies, coloured markers)
Gr. 3: Spheres in Space | WEST MIDDLETON ART SMARTIES, construction paper collage
Valentines' art lesson - color contrast - 1st or 2nd grade, after color wheel lesson.

September 2014: Falling .... Just Fooling!!!

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