martedì 28 ottobre 2014

Potter party!

Cercate un'idea per una festa?

Lesson 2: party a tema

esempio: Harry Potter
(post it: idea da riciclare anche per compleanni e carnevale) 
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS    harry potter party by TinyCarmen
Adorable! Free Harry Potter Party Printables- These are Rare & Beautifully Designed !
Free Harry Potter/Halloween Drink Printables

Harry Potter party- love the idea of decorating with proclamations
red paint on waxed paper. tape over mirror : ) or paint on back of large, torn paper (wrapping paper) tack to wall

Harry Potter party idea... So I hope one of my future children love Harry potter as much as I do... And if not I want to throw myself a party like this haha
Party Frosting: Harry Potter ideas and inspiration

@Breanne Bolton Welch Let's have a booth for this at our next Harry Potter party. Because there will be a next one. ;)
Could be interesting version of ping pong...made me think of us trying to teach a quidditch lesson in that PE class @Nicole Novembrino Novembrino Rodgers
Harry Potter party idea - This is a must for any HP party!

Buon divertimento!

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