giovedì 20 novembre 2014

Comics DIY

In questi giorni Bologna ospiterà il festival internazionale del fumetto BILBOLBUL 2014, splendido spunto per un attacco d'arte formato bimbi!

I adoooooore Keri Smith and this is a fabu post for making art out of comix!! LOOOOOVE
PNG - 36.5 ko
great cartoon faces drawing poster for older kids to use
Up-cycle old or  torn books into story magnets.  A great way to foster imaginative storytelling!
Comic Page Templates -- this would be cool to use for a make your own comic craft.
Craft for kids: Bring superheroes to life in this 3D comic diorama.
Kids Art Activity:  Free Printable Blank Comic Pages For Kids to fill out with their stories and artwork
Superhero, comic book and Dr Who themed photo booth props by Strange Case Collective: Hayley's 21st Geek Fest
Make a comic with this free printable which is perfect for an easy and fun story writing activity!
Make Your Own Comic Book with these Templates

Chi volesse andare al festival del fumetto BILBOLBUL 2014....

Per informazioni sul festival:


TEL 051 233401

BilBOlbul è curato da:

via Zamboni 15 • 40126 Bologna

TEL 051 233401
FAX 051 2915120

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